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Only “first lines” and “each monkey on its own branch.”  “Boss” Moniz’s New Strategy To Make TVI Achieve The Competition – Celebrities

Only “first lines” and “each monkey on its own branch.” “Boss” Moniz’s New Strategy To Make TVI Achieve The Competition – Celebrities

The dice are rolled, and now it’s time. With Christina Ferreira in Brazil, after a Friday in which the Director of Entertainment and Fiction and General Manager of TVI appeared, one by one, at a table with his boss, Mario Ferreira, Here are the first moves with a new signature on TVI Network.

Sunday, which was announced on Antenna as a special programming day, got a new image. In the morning Eva Domingues welcomed Manuel Luis Joshua in a program — which bridges the gap with the lunchtime newspaper, a time when TVI is systematically losing out to SIC — which had Tony Carrera (also a Queluz station shareholder) as a guest. In the afternoon, it is Pedro Teixeira’s turn to take to the stage of “Somos Portugal”, alongside – and only – Monica Jardim and Mafalda de Castro.

At the moment, out of this program are Santiago Gamboa, Ben, and even … Fanny – One of the brand’s images in the last two years of the program that lost weekly to competitor Domingo, led by “The Star” Joao Payao. With these modifications – in particular calling for first-class numbers but with good acceptance by brands and advertisers – Moniz wants, as FLASH knows! , not only reversing the logic of audiences and TVI to beat SIC, but also “raising the bar” and attracting new advertisers to the station who, notoriously, shy away from extremely popular programming.

The “cleaning” doesn’t stop there. It was announced today that the station’s early hours will feature Liliana Aguiar on a game show – a template traditionally used on the station. Ex-perience will also have changes and the Great Information Revolution is being prepared, with The return of “Journal Nacional”, already in February, within 30 years of the station.

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There are no “sacred cows”

In terms of information and programming, you know FLASH! , there is no guaranteed spot – not even commentators who are hired for a premium by the channel and who bring no added value in terms of audiences.

In this new scenario, Cristina Ferreira’s role is not clear. The truth is that the person in charge of entertainment and fantasy was not present at two of the station’s events last weekend, and sent his “right arm”, João Patricio, in his place. On the day it happened, Christina appeared alongside Mario Ferreira, and soon after, in Brazil, on a short vacation with friends.

Sparkle! You know that the ‘Cristina Talks’ conference phenomenon that was much talked about on social networks because of the statements of the speaker herself and that ended up being the subject of an interview that Cristina herself gave to Manuel Luís Goucha, on his show in his own name, that didn’t do well on the ‘Panel TVI. Senior managers at the station disapprove of this excessive and controversial exposure of a person who is not only the main face of the station, but also a director and shareholder of Media Capital.

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