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Bestinver will not sell a 3% stake in Semapa's OPA - Bolsa

OPA: Sodim already includes more than 82% of Semapa. Gives 90% to the success of the offer – Stock Exchange

Sodim has already managed to acquire more than 80% of the share capital and 82% of the voting rights of Semapa, having already acquired 7.67% of the capital in the current offer through the end of this week whose orders became irrevocable this Tuesday. the second Release Sent to CMVM, due to acceptance levels, the family decided to waive the requirement to reach 90% of Simaba’s voting rights in order for the show to be a success.

“Given the levels of acceptance verified thus far, Sodim understands that, from now on, it will give up, on the date of calculating the results of the Offer, and in accordance with the provisions of his Documents, success in his Offer, whereby all orders for the sale of shares which he sends will be accepted and executed contributors to the financial intermediaries within the scope of the offer,” Simaba said in a statement sent to CMVM.

This decision comes after the family learned the level of acceptance of the offer as of today, when the orders became irrevocable. “At the time of today’s closing, June 1, 2021, of the period of acceptance of the Offer, warrants for acceptance of this Offer have been sent for a total of 6,230,426 shares, corresponding to approximately 7.67% of Semapa’s share capital and 7.80% of the voting rights,” reads the document.

Thus, “Based on acceptance levels verified to date, Sodim has already confirmed that it will retain, directly and indirectly, after the conclusion of the Offer, at least 80.67% of the share capital equivalent to 82.09% of Simaba’s voting rights.”

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Sodim’s takeover offer (OPA) for Simaba’s non-owned capital began on April 27 and ends on Friday, June 3, after the family holding company decided to extend the offer period, until the results are published. before the process ends.

The recipients of the offer until today had to cancel their declaration of acceptance of the offer, and from that date the requests became irrevocable. In other words, those who have already agreed to sell in the OPA can no longer go back with their decision, since the family will have all the securities on which there are sales orders in the process.

If, as a result, Sodim does not obtain at least 90% of the voting rights in Semapa, Sodim will instruct Banco Comercial Português, SA and Caixa – Banco de Investimento, SA, within the next five business days on the day on which Calculation of the results of the offer, proceeding with the purchase, on behalf of Sodim, of all shares representing the capital of Simaba and which may be offered for purchase, at the same price, in cash, at the price paid by Sodim in the offer, i.e. at 11.66 euros (eleven euros and six sixty cents) for each Semapa share.”

In addition to the guaranteed shares offered so far, the family has strengthened its position through purchases in the market. According to the letter sent to CMVM, Sodim has purchased a total of 892,133 shares in Semapa, which is approximately 1.10% of its share capital and 1.12% of Semapa’s voting rights.

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The takeover bid ends Friday, and the final results of the bid are expected to be announced next Monday, June 7.