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Opel’s future is on full display in this new car

Opel’s future is on full display in this new car

YuM essay on aesthetics and technology. Opel has unveiled its new prototype called the “Experimental”.

The name says it all and this car showcases many of the technologies and design language that Opel wants to apply in the near future to its production models.

This particular example will be shown at the Munich Motor Show in September and will open the door for a new model in 2025.

Highlights of the Opel Concept include aerodynamically efficient features, a spacious and bright interior, lightweight seats, and a superior head-up display.

Without the chrome, the Opel Experimental has all-wheel drive and is built on the basis of the Stellantis platform, the STLA. No physical rear-view mirrors installed, 180-degree cameras installed, Opel badge lighting and light signature, front and rear, slim and three-dimensional.

Fitted with 3-spoke wheels, Goodyear tires are made from recycled rubber.

There are no screens inside. Instead, there is a transparent touch pad (Pure Pad) where key commands can be operated. In addition, as already mentioned, part of the information useful to the driver will be on the head-up display on the windshield.

Figures regarding the motors and batteries were not disclosed.

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