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– Our first powerful track

– Our first powerful track

New surveillance images mean police have moved away from the theory that he disappeared down a road along the lake.

It's been four days since BBC presenter Michael Mosley disappeared on the Greek island of Symi.

Since Wednesday, the search operation has focused on a popular road and in the sea between St. Nicholas Beach and the village of Bidi.

However, on Friday, surveillance footage from a cafe emerged showing the 67-year-old arriving at Pidi at 1.45pm, about 15 to 20 minutes after he left the beach. The wife confirmed that Mosley was the one in the photos.

Michael Mosley (67)
Michael Mosley (67)

He was reported missing from the holiday island of Symi in Greece

Seven minutes later, he was seen on another cafe's surveillance camera.

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– Even mountain goats won't climb there

Shortly afterwards again, at 2pm, what police believe to be the Briton was observed on a third CCTV. Photographs from there may indicate that Mosley followed a new route from Bede through a small mountainous area to the town of Symi, where he and his wife stayed during the holidays.

– This is the first solid lead we have, and now the entire search has been moved to that area, says a police source daily Maillocated on the island.

He probably made a mistake and ended up on this windy and rough road that runs between the cities of Bidi and Simi, according to the police source.

According to police, the plan was for Mosley to take a bus from Peddie to the town of Simi, and the apartment where they were staying, because he had forgotten his mobile phone.

Several British media outlets reported that the focus of the search on Friday evening was moved to the new area, which is described as steep and uneven.

– Even mountain goats will not climb there, says a police source to the same newspaper.

All indications are that Mosley followed the solid line to the end of the harbor at Peddie. It was filmed by surveillance cameras three times, at 1:45 p.m., 1:52 p.m., and 2:00 p.m. The broken road shows where he would have taken to get to Symi easily.


One of the research teams describes the choice of path as “incomprehensible” and says that the path is not easy to follow. She thinks he lost his way.

-If he takes a wrong turn, he's gone. It could be anywhere. She says it is a battle against the clock BBC.

The mayor of Symi, Eleftherios Papakalodouka, says, according to Sky News, that the area to which Mosley is believed to have moved now, at a time of day when the temperature reached about 40 degrees Celsius, is a rocky area that is difficult to pass through, and which is full of snakes.

While the search is underway with the participation of divers, helicopters and drones, police are hoping more surveillance images will emerge that could give them clues about where he may have gone.

Mosley was wanted on Facebook with this photo, which was taken at St. Nicholas Beach where he was last seen. Image: private

At the same time as the search location changed, the presenter's four children arrived on the small Greek island. They are now involved in the search for their father, who was on vacation for a week with his wife and two friends.

Michael Mosley's brother Arthur narrates The Daily Telegraph The family is shocked by what happened. At the same time, he says that when you get to their age, accidents can happen.

– He says that the family naturally hopes for a good outcome.

Local residents were also shocked.

– This is crazy, someone tells the BBC, describing the place as so small that not even a child could get lost.

Mosley is a well-known doctor and television personality, who worked for the BBC for many years. He is known as the much talked about teacher Diet 5:2. He has also been a columnist for VG.

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