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“Our height was a turning point.”

“Our height was a turning point.”

2023 was the year of renewal of the image of SIC Notícias. The first thematic channel in the world SIC, created in 2001, has invested in its growth, especially in digital areas, and has demonstrated its commitment to continuing to provide the Portuguese with information with accuracy and quality.

In addition to this growth of the news channel at Paco de Arcos station, the month (and the following stages) was also the right month The arrival of new faces in the field of journalism to the news scene.

During the past few months, Show fame He interviewed several key players at SIC Notícias, with a focus on Odeh Guilherme Simoesentrance Maddalena Lourencoor the premiere of a movie Joanna Costa de Souza. And between them the growth of names such as Claudio France or Nelma Serpa Pinto.

Joana Costa de Sousa is the new face of SIC NOTÍCIAS Weekends: “It's the challenge of representing the editorial”

In addition to the names already presented, we also highlight two other journalists who have been “at home” for some time, but who, after revamping the image, continue to show themselves as belonging to the new generation of journalism in Portugal: Monica Martinez that it Sarah Tinha.

The two journalists, who have been working at the channel since 2017, currently handle different news editions of SIC Notícias, but in a conversation with our website, they also emphasized the friendship that unites them.

(Image source: Andre Antunes)

Monica Martinez and Sara Tinha: When a business relationship turns into an unconditional friendship

Monica Martinez's journey and arrival at SIC Notícias

She arrived as a trainee, and has remained at SIC since 2017. Although “Dream cycle“It was at the beginning”escaped handsMonica Martinez has not given up on her life's purpose. Now he has proven that with work and determination, The desired achievement becomes a possible reality.

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I'm from the Algarve, I took a course in journalism and being a journalist, and I quickly got involved in coming to Lisbon, although there was that there too. But my goal was to be in DC, because I knew I would be closer to training and that the road might be easier.“, he begins to reveal.

But at that time [antes da entrada na faculdade]I was 17, very young, and I was still there weighing my options… and I ended up coming to Lisbon, In the beginning, I did not go into social media or journalism. I was at the right university, then I changed courses, But job vacancies were very limited, and opportunities were scarce“, account.

So I thought the best thing would be to get back down and focus on something else, and things might just come up. And so it happened. I also obtained a degree in social education. But then I thought it was the perfect time to focus on journalism. After returning to Lisbon, I did a master's degree in social communication, and after that it was a natural path“.

(Image source: Andre Antunes)

I interned here at SIC, and also ended up having some luck. Because as soon as I finished, I was in the Algarve for a week, thinking about finishing my thesis and studies… but shortly after, they called me to ask if I wanted to take a vacation, which was a vacation. The opportunity to return to writing, and so it was“, Takes on.

“Our height has also become a turning point.”

Recalling the time when, at university, they heard about the difficulty of entering the job market, also in the field of journalism, Monica describes her ability to recognize “turning point“, at the time they walked in. There's also something about some desire for novelty.

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The truth is, I was having landing after landing“, he joked, when talking about the period when he returned to SIC Notícias, where he has not left since.

But then there was a situation where I was working on the production side, and I admit I was a little frustrated“, He follows. “It's very important work, but it wasn't what I always saw myself working on and feeling complete about“. However, it was here that he met and built a lasting friendship with classmate Sarah Tinha.

“a At the stage I stayed at SIC, I know very well that it was a time when it was very difficult for trainees to stay. I even think our height was also a turning point“, he declares.

It was therefore very good that this point was renewed, and that more new people started to join the SIC Notícias newsroom, because this quickly leads to enrichment“.

(Image source: Andre Antunes)

“I miss presenting alone.”

Mónica Martínez is one of the main faces of the first news program of SIC Notícias which, with the renewal, is now presented in dual format. It's an extra challenge, but it also brings some nostalgia.

Now that I do a lot of pairings, I also miss reading newspapers on my own.“, says the journalist. “This has nothing to do with the tournament, mind you! It has to do with how you control things, which is a completely different matter“.

“[Quando estamos sozinhos] You yourself are the one in charge, we are always in control of everything, and you are the one who has to do everything. Sometimes, not having to share the responsibility with someone else makes you more focused and more relaxed. Because you know that what is yours is you. And sometimes I miss that a little bit“, he concludes.

(Image source: Andre Antunes)

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