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Over 100 people were invited to the Downing Street party during the first lockdown - VG

Over 100 people were invited to the Downing Street party during the first lockdown – VG

The problems: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his current wife, Carrie Johnson, are said to have attended a garden party at 10 Downing Street during the country’s first lockdown in the spring of 2020, according to British media. Johnson himself did not want to comment on whether he was present. Note: This photo was taken on another occasion.

A new partisan scandal rocks Britain. More than 100 people were invited to a garden party at the Prime Minister’s residence in London during the UK’s first lockdown when very strict rules remain, according to British media.

At the same time that the party is said to have taken place on May 20, 2020, people were only allowed to meet one person outside the house at a distance of two meters in the open air.

Between 30 and 40 people must have attended the party. Invitations were sent to advisors, letter writers, and other staff members.

Several British media outlets have had access to a leaked email from Martin Reynolds, one of Johnson’s close advisers.

In the email he first posted ITV, people are invited to “take advantage of the great weather” and share drinks – at a social distance – in the park.

The invitation ends with “Bring your own drink,” which can be translated to bring your own liquor or alcohol in good Norwegian.

The case comes in the aftermath Watchman He recently mentioned a party with wine and pizza on May 15, 2020 – five days before this garden party – as well as the Christmas party scandal released in December.

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He lost his father a few days ago

Tells Hannah Brady, who lost her father to Covid-19 Sky News That the father’s death certificate was signed on the same day the garden party is said to have taken place.

– And is there more shameful “rule for them, and another rule for us” than this? Brady asks rhetorically. Her 55-year-old father died of coronavirus four days before the party. Brady is a spokesperson for an organization for post-COVID-19 survivors.

She also says she met Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the same park where the party took place in September last year. There she looked into Johnson’s eyes and told of her father’s death.

– He told me that he did everything in his power to protect my father, at the same time he learned that he had a party in the same place on the same day that my father’s death certificate was signed. She says I feel nauseous when I think about it.

British media: Johnson was present

On the same day the ceremony was held, 363 new deaths from Corona were reported. It was also among other things:

  • It is not allowed to mix several houses in the open air
  • People can mingle with their family or with one person outdoors only if they live alone
  • Most people are still being asked to stay home as much as possible
  • The police wrote on Twitter that people should be careful of the virus and reminded people of the strict rules

Just 11 days later, on June 1, 2020, the measures were somewhat relaxed. However, so far he has not been allowed to meet more than six people outdoors.

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According to Sky and ITV, Boris Johnson and his then-fiancee Carrie Johnson attended the party. Two witnesses also testified BBC That the two were present. So far, Johnson has not commented himself on the party.

Former Johnson adviser Dominic Cummings is present Twitter Johnson said he was present. After Cummings resigned as Johnson’s adviser in November 2020, he played a key role in bringing charges against Johnson and his government, including for dealing with Corona. The May 20, 2020 Garden Party issue also started with a blog post from Cummings last week.

According to the BBC, several staff members have reportedly responded to the call and expressed their concerns.

In the Garden: Dominic Cummings, formerly Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, turned to Johnson. Here in the same park as the party, just a few days later during a press conference on May 25, 2020.

Several parties are being investigated

Under Johnson’s order in December, Secretary of State Simon Case launched an investigation into violations of infection control rules at 10 Downing Street, as the Prime Minister’s Residence is often referred to, and other ministries and agencies.

The case itself had to withdraw from the investigation when it was revealed that his own department had allegedly arranged one of the parties. The investigation is now led by Sue Gray.

Investigations began when it became known in December that she Held Christmas Parties in Downing Street in 2020.

Both the party involved on May 20 and another that was said to have taken place on May 15 are now among the gatherings under investigation.

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The opposition Labor Party said in a statement that Johnson had many questions to answer if the investigation showed he had broken the rules.