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OVH servers are down.  Lots of problematic websites

OVH servers are down. Lots of problematic websites

Since Wednesday morning, OVH customers have reported problems with OVH’s servers. Many Internet sites have reported gaps in availability.

The portal announced several failures after Wednesday 9. Since then Subsequent websites report issues on social media. Among them, among others are, Radio TOK FM, or

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Photo: Downdetector

“OVH servers have crashed. We have been notified that repairs are underway,” radio representatives said.

According to unofficial information, OVH plans 9 Wednesday maintenance of their systems. This time is like failure time.

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The March fire shut down the Internet

This is not the first time this year that OVH has had problems with its servers. In March a block in Strasbourg was completely burnedAnother was damaged. As a precaution, OVH closes the other two server modules. This caused network problems in many countries, including Poland.

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