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Own plant for VW "Trinity" project: New building near Wolfsburg | - Nachrichten - Lower Saxony

Own plant for VW “Trinity” project: New building near Wolfsburg | – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Status: 11/10/2021 9:24 am

VW wants to build its own plant for its new “Trinity” electric model – thus competing with Tesla. The factory is to be built near headquarters in Wolfsburg. Working group welcomes projects.

Europe’s largest car company announced plans on Tuesday evening. The oversight committee has yet to approve the decision. The project is considered to be one of the key points of the investment strategy for the next five years. The medium term VW investment planning ends on December 9th. According to reports, the “Trinity” project will be placed in a separate production facility. A kind of “second Wolfsburg plant” is planned. According to corporate sources, the construction will cost at least a few hundred million euros. “The new factory is to be built in a green field outside the factory fence,” Volkswagen said. “Various locations near Wolfsburg are being questioned.”

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According to locals, e-car production could be assembled in a completely new hall. VW did not comment on this. Further

Basic for vehicles over 40 million

“Trinity” is expected to launch in 2026. It is a completely redesigned automotive system that uses state-of-the-art electric drivers and often self-planned software, networking and autonomous driving technologies from VW. To do this, the brand uses a more developed platform called SSP, which can also be accessed by its subsidiaries. A total of more than 40 million cars are to be built based on this technology. The new factory in Wolfsburg represents high-capacity utilization and secure employment, according to a statement from the VW Job Forum.

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“We must now make Wolfsburg a better place for the future.”

VW wants to attack American rival Tesla, which is already about to launch its new “Gigafabrik” in Grünheide near Berlin. Leading brand owner Ralf Brandstätter explained: “Competitive pressure is increasing – at least not on our own doorstep. We need to make Wolfsburg fit for the future now.” Ten hours of production time per car is possible. “The main plant on the Mitland Canal is also to be completely modernized based on this model,” VW said. Accordingly, the Golf and Tiguan models in particular are set to be built at the main plant in the coming years. According to Brandstator, combustion engines will be manufactured continuously in two lines. Another Trinity variant is to be produced in the vacant space. The labor group recently criticized the Wolfsburg plant for not having enough strategies to make greater use of it. VW Works Council President Daniela Cavallo has called for a second electric model for Wolfsburg – before 2026. The company said it had not yet decided.

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VW boss Herbert Dice speaks at an event.  © Image Alliance / dpa / Sven Hoppe Photo: Sven Hoppe

The CEO again refuted speculation that 30,000 jobs could be lost at the company. (09.11.2021) More

Electric cars are manufactured at the Volkswagen plant in Emden.  © Image Alliance / DPA / China Schult Photo: Sina Schultz

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Herbert Dice, CEO of Volkswagen AG, poses for a photo with Tesla boss Elon Musk in a hangar at Brunswick Airport.  © Volkswagen AG / dpa

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