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Painful birthday.  Claudio Ramos who was about to fall to the side doesn't take it anymore - Nacional

Painful birthday. Claudio Ramos who was about to fall to the side doesn’t take it anymore – Nacional

Claudio Ramos He never hid that he was living two dreams of giving a morning show and partiesBig brother“. What the presenter did not expect is work without leave, and it manifests itself between the two projects. The pressure is growing.

According to ‘TV Guia’, since September – as happened last year – the broadcaster’s rest is limited to a weekly day, on Saturdays.

Claudio must have taken a vacation in September But he, again, has abdicated these days to be of service Christina Ferrera And your choice of “Reality Show”.

In addition to the presenter’s fatigue, he is also heavily criticized by Enmities with competitors and “BB” commentators.

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Watch the prayer that will free Maria Botillo Muniz and Claudio Ramos from the evil eye

The controversial seventh concert last Sunday is an example of the increasing pressure on the presenter. Vânia Sá, daughter of now former rival Felicidad, has accused TVI of manipulation NS He acknowledged that he would request a review of the nominations.

“I would like to make this clear: I am not afraid of any competitor, no matter what he says. Faina is sitting there, no matter what she says, as she said yesterday at the party, she will not change my mind or make me shiver over anything,” Claudio declared in “Two in 10”The morning after the party,

On the same day, the atmosphere escalated and a war broke out between the presenter and the commentators. Claudio Ramos could not contain himself and criticized his colleagues, after revision Ricardo sex scandal, explaining that every commentator should speak for himself, because “some are pretty bullshit.”

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Claudio’s family life is also turbulent. The days with the family in the Alentejo are getting fewer and fewer and even Dating Diogo Faria She has her days away from professional matters.

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On the birthday of the TVI presenter, the actor left a video that gives a lot to talk about.

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