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Palinha case: Court gives reason for FPF appeal and suspends TAD decision - Sporting

Palinha case: Court gives reason for FPF appeal and suspends TAD decision – Sporting

The Central Administrative Court of the South (TCAS) has given reason to the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) in its appeal after seeing the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD) withdraw the penalty – But not the card – Joao Balenha, as a result of a yellow card by Fabio Verissimo in January of this year, when Sporting moved to Boavista in the 15th round of the league – he will be the fifth and the midfielder will be automatically penalized.

As part of the ruling that Register It was accessed, explaining that there is “a lack of jurisdiction for the TAD to assess and decide on the issue of the commission of the expected crime,” that is, the authority has no jurisdiction to intervene in sporting decisions. In essence, it is stated that cases related to yellow cards cannot be settled by the civil courts. After this clash, dated January 26, the lions filed an appeal with the FPF’s Disciplinary Board (CD), which maintained the suspension, which led to a new appeal, in the form of an injunction, to TCAS, the same court that determines it. Thursday appeal decision.

With this action having a stopping effect, Palinha did not lose the next match, the Alvalade derby against Benfica, waiting for TAD to trade on the card (an appeal was lodged there as well, by the midfielder). It happened in March, with the Foundation on Verissimo’s statement, who then assumed before the CD and after reviewing the images, that the move was not subject to a warning because it was not a “compromising attack”.

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Previously, the CD decided to keep the penalty for the green and white midfielder to apply the “field-of-play principle”, which defends the principle of the referee’s authority on the field: seeing the entire play – which he emphasized – this fact would be enough to trade.

To adapt to prevent footballers from filing an appeal in their name to the TAD, the CD has begun giving clubs the possibility to appeal the referee’s report and delegates to matches within 12 hours (the right to defence), if we had before the summary of the procedure.

Palinha now has 15 days to file an appeal, in this case to the Supreme Administrative Court.