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Palma in Mallorca – The restaurant collapsed

Palma in Mallorca – The restaurant collapsed

According to the local newspaper Mallorca Daily Bulletin Several people were killed after parts of a building collapsed in the famous resort of Playa de Palma on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

according to Emergency services in the Balearic Islands Four people were confirmed dead. Seven were very seriously injured, while nine were seriously injured.

Sure enough, it was the floor of the first floor of the restaurant that collapsed and fell into the basement.

– The Foreign Ministry is not aware that Norwegian citizens will be affected, the ministry's press officer, Anne Jorem, told Dagbladet shortly before midnight.

Severe damage: Rescue workers at the scene Thursday evening. Photo: EPA/NTB
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In the tourist area

The Meduza Beach Club restaurant is located on Calle Cartago, in the center of Palma's tourist area.

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Rescue work: Extensive rescue work is currently underway at the Meduza Beach Club Restaurant.  Photo: Isaac Pugh/Zuma Press/NTB

Rescue work: Extensive rescue work is currently underway at the Meduza Beach Club restaurant. Photo: Isaac Pugh/Zuma Press/NTB
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Elmondo He writes that several people were trapped in the basement after the ceiling/floor collapsed, but have now been released. However, it cannot be ruled out that more people may be trapped under the rubble.

The collapse occurred at 8.30pm, when several customers and employees were in the restaurant.

The president was shocked

The islands' psychological crisis team was called after the incident, according to emergency services.

Jaime Martinez, Mayor of Palma, went to the scene to follow up rescue efforts. Marga Bruhinz, President of the Balearic Islands signs X She was shocked by the incident.

– I send all my condolences and warmth to the families of the four who lost their lives in this tragic accident, and I wish a speedy recovery to all those injured, she writes in Catalan.

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