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Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej rozwiązał za porozumieniem stron kontrakt z selekcjonerem reprezentacji Paulo Sousą. "Dziękuję za to wzbogacające i zaszczytne doświadczenie" - napisał na Instagramie portugalski szkoleniowiec.

Palo Sosa about working with Polish staff: Thank you for this experience

The Polish Football Association has terminated the contract of national team coach Paolo Sosa with a mutual agreement between the parties. “Thank you for this rich and honorable experience,” the Portuguese coach wrote on Instagram.

“Thank you all for this rich and honorable experience. Zbigniew Bońek for a wonderful country, the opportunity to work for Poland. Thank you for the study and hard work of the football players. The staff of the Polish Football Association always work hard to achieve our goals. Trust you and see you in Qatar! ” Susa said.

A few dozen minutes after receiving the news of the split with the Polish team, the Portuguese Flamenco officially became the coach of Rio de Janeiro.

Paolo Sosa was the 48th coach of the Polish national football team and the first Portuguese to lead the Polish football team. He has worked with the Polish national team since the end of January 2021, replacing Jersey Brezek.

In all, he led the Polish team in 15 games. He recorded six wins, but only against lower-ranked teams, with five draws and four defeats. Balance of goals: 37-20.

Officially: PZPN terminates contract with Palo Sosa

Officially: PZPN terminates contract with Palo Sosa

The identity of his successor has not yet been announced. According to PAP findings, at Wednesday’s meeting of the PZPN Board, there was no question of selecting a new coach. However, this can happen in the first days of the new year. According to unofficial information, a pole is to become one, and the group of potential candidates includes former coach Adam Navaska and Cheslav Michnevich.

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Poland will have two-stage play-offs in March to promote next year’s World Championships in Qatar. The semi-final against Russia takes place on March 24 in Moscow. The winner of the match will play Sweden-Czech Republic in the play-off final on March 29.