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Palworld will only achieve parity between Steam and Xbox through cross-play

Palworld will only achieve parity between Steam and Xbox through cross-play

Pocketpair shared that the Xbox Series version of Palworld is close to receiving a major update, and they're just waiting for Microsoft to finish the certification process.

In the Palworld Discord, Community Manager Bucky shared this (thanks Windows Central) The Xbox and Steam versions of Palworld are different, although the number is the same, and only with the arrival of cross-play will we have full parity.

“There seems to be some confusion about 'missing features' on Steam and Xbox. This is not true. Some features may be a little different or have a different value, but other issues like a non-existent exit game button etc. are not. As a result of the older version, “There are different problems.”

“In fact, Steam and Xbox will likely never have identical version numbers until the games are cross-play compatible, since at that point it has to be the same game internally.”

This doesn't mean that the Xbox version is behind the Steam version, it just means that they are “completely different versions of the game, since the Xbox architecture is different.”

Bucky also commented, “By this I mean a lot of people are asking to update Xbox to v1.2 now, but Xbox v1.2 is not the same as Steam v1.2.”

Pocketpair is trying to speed up the release of fixes and new features, but it needs time and says the next Xbox update is awaiting approval.

Palworld launched on January 19 and has already become a phenomenon on Steam and sales are surprising. Amidst all the hype, orders for the PS5 version are already starting to appear.

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