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Paolo Di Carvalho defends himself against the accusations: “an outrageous lie”

Paolo Di Carvalho defends himself against the accusations: “an outrageous lie”

Paolo Di Carvalho released a statement on social networks in response to journalist Luis Osorio’s article – “It is pornographic to say that Paolo Di Carvalho is ‘generous and supportive’ of TSF.

The caller claims that the father, who worked with the musician, was fired when he revealed he had AIDS.

“Paolo did not react as he expected him to. In fact, it never occurred to him that the relationship would end there. Relentlessly. Coldly,” he writes, noting that his father was fired “without compensation” and “almost without money.”

In response to these statements, Paolo Di Carvalho said:

“I was recently the victim of a series of serious slanders by journalist Luis Osorio, through his space on TSF – Rádio Jornal and, later, on social networks, where they were exaggerated.

Luis Osorio accuses me of facts that occurred at least 30 years ago and were reported to him by his father, José Manuel Osorio, who died in the meantime.

I regret that Luis Osorio invokes the memory of his father – with whom I was a friend – without ever trying to confront me with the ‘facts’, he told me a notorious lie. Which I denied with the same intensity with which it shocked me.

I was the one who accompanied José Manuel Osorio during his illness, which was confirmed at the Ricardo Jorge Institute, and I took him to the prof. Machado Caetano. And in the following years (and there were some), he continued to work with me and only of his own free will this cooperation ended. He was not fired, and the stigma of any illness would not be a reason to keep me away from anyone. I have a completely clear conscience.

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I thought of letting the crime pass and remaining silent. Unfortunately, the echo on social networks became unbearable, and it ended up in my family and such denial was inevitable. I repeat, if I answer, it is only to defend myself against the manner in which you accuse me. This is “pornography”.

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