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Papo SUS highlights the importance of a healthy routine to prevent diabetes

Papo SUS highlights the importance of a healthy routine to prevent diabetes

November 12, 2021-4:06 PM
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Communication Consulting ESP / CE
text: Elon Nepomuceno
graphic art: Julio Lopez

chronic disease caused by Insufficient insulin production or malabsorption The hormone that regulates blood glucose -, a diabetic It affects at least 12.5 million people in Brazil, according to estimates Brazilian Diabetes Association, updated based on the 2010 census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

However, experts warn that many of them are not even tested for a diagnosis. Therefore, the Access to quality information remains an important ally in the prevention and treatment of the problem.

Diabetes is divided into Types 1 and 2. Even with similar nomenclature, they are two different diseases that share two things: a decrease in insulin production and an increase in blood sugar. However, the reasons for this happening are different. To explain it and address other nuances of the topic, Ceará School of Public Health Paulo Marcelo Martins Rodriguez (ESP/CE), associated with the State Department of Health (Sesa), is promoting next Tuesday (16), SUS Talk Diabetes: the importance of a healthy routine.

The live broadcast joins other actions across Brazil, within the scope of Blue November – Diagnose, treat and take care of diabetes too. will participate in He lives Endocrinologist and clinical director of the Integrated Center for Diabetes and Hypertension (CIDH), Marcella France, MSc in public health and physical educator Rosman Cavalcanti. The Supervisor of the Health Extension Center at ESP/CE, Luciana Rocha, will be the supervisor of the event.

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For an hour, spectators will be able to take notes and ask questions to the experts. Broadcast starts at 7:30 PM.


Papo Sus – Diabetes: The Importance of a Healthy Routine
when: Tuesday (16), 7:30 pm
arrive to ESP/CE Instagram Profile (@spceara)