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Paraíba carries out a caravan marking MS Awareness Month

Paraíba carries out a caravan marking MS Awareness Month

The State Department of Health (SES), in partnership with the Paraiba State Multiple Sclerosis Reference Center (Crem-PB), has implemented Caravana EM, in reference to August Orange, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. A multidisciplinary team visited five municipalities in the three major regions of Paraíba, providing home care, qualified teams and patients.

According to the cream’s coordinator, neurologist Bianca Oliveira, the purpose of the procedure is to provide information to those who need it. It states that the purpose of the convoy is to assist the user in the care and monitoring of patients in health districts with a specific diagnosis, as well as to provide continuing education for health professionals in regional departments.

“During the convoy, we tried to get acquainted with all the difficulties that patients face in these areas, not only in terms of health, but also from a social and emotional point of view. We also took the opportunity to actively search for new patients,” he points out.

This year, Caravana EM passed through Guarabira, Campina Grande, Patos, Sousa and Cajazeiras. In all municipalities, the team visited the Regional Health Department (GRS), discovered local difficulties in drug delivery and provided local assistance. In some cities, home visits have been made for bedridden patients and dependents.

“In addition, we provided lessons to patients and health professionals present, provided clarifications on each drug, the Covid-19 epidemic and its relationship to multiple sclerosis, and verified how many and how many patients have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 and against influenza and explain the importance of the vaccine in This time,” he adds.

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The multidisciplinary team at Caravana consists of pharmacists, nurses, neurologists, SES residents and an administrative secretary. Currently, in Paraíba there are 406 people with a specific diagnosis of multiple sclerosis who are registered with Careem.