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Parana records 60 new cases of dengue fever;  6 in Maringa

Parana records 60 new cases of dengue fever; 6 in Maringa

Aedes aegypti

the health to Lethícia Conegero / GMC Online on 01/18/2022 – 20:03

Parana recorded 60 new cases of dengue fever in a week, according to the bulletin issued on Tuesday (18), by the State Department of Health (CISA). Now, the state has 673 cases of dengue in the current epidemic period – which began on August 1, 2021 and continues through July of this year.

Of the 60 new cases, six were registered in Maringa, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the city in the current period to 56. The municipality has 700 notifications, 591 of which have been ignored and 51 are being investigated by Sesa.

So far, 306 municipalities have registered dengue notifications. Of these, 112 cases of the disease were confirmed, and 80 cases of original infection, that is, dengue fever was transmitted in the municipality of residence. The state has not recorded any deaths in the current epidemiological period. There are still 2,329 cases under investigation.

Dengue mosquito (Aedes aegypti) reproduces when the female lays her eggs in containers of standing water, such as plant pot dishes, water tanks, open closets, plastic bottles, and more.

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