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Paraná will receive an investment of R$46.1 million to support science and technology

Paraná will receive an investment of R$46.1 million to support science and technology

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The State of Paraná will receive an investment package of R$46.1 million to strengthen and expand science and technology activities in Paraná, as well as support projects in the areas of research, extension, entrepreneurship and innovation in the seven state universities.

The initiative is from the Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti) and the resources come from the Paraná Fund for Scientific and Technological Development, established by Law No. 21354/2023 and managed by the Secretariat.

The purpose of the package is to finance research and development (R & D) projects, based on partnership and cooperation agreements signed between public and private universities, businesses and institutions in Paraná.

For science and technology specialist Juliana Roman, investing in technological fields is earning wealth for the country.

It ends up highlighting the importance of investments in the region through the need to encourage social and economic development and expand business competitiveness by adding technology to the production processes of goods and services. In addition, we have human gains and gains in intellectual capabilities at a time when there is scope for training leaders, for generating wealth in the country and also for generating new jobs,” the specialist said.

In general, the program brings together five general notices that will be applied to projects related to the sectors of microenterprises, small individual entrepreneurs (MEIs) and small and medium-sized enterprises, to initiatives proposed by municipalities, cooperatives and other organizations.