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Pardon an armed couple

Pardon an armed couple

In June 2020, married couple Mark and Patricia McCluskey became world famous, after their pictures were spread on the lawn in front of their house with weapons.

The couple felt threatened by protesters on the street outside their home in one of the city’s coolest neighborhoods, they explained several times.

The demonstrators were on their way to the mayor’s house to protest against injustice and police violence.

In June, the couple were convicted of two minor crimes. Mark was fined $750 for assault and Patricia was fined for harassment and a $2,000 fine.

Cradle of civilization: Mark and Patricia McCluskey pull weapons against the protesters. Prosecutors said they were unarmed. Photo: Laurie Scrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/AP/NTB
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keep the promise

Following the trial, the Republican governor of Missouri promised to pardon the couple, so they wouldn’t have to pay. And he has now done so, the AP news agency writes.

In the aftermath of the incident, the pair were seen as both villains and heroes. After the two, both lawyers, pleaded guilty in June, Mark McCluskey announced that he would run for Senate elections.

– Would I do it again

He was pretty clear about what would happen if he ended up in a similar situation again.

– He said from the court staircase.

– Every time a mob approaches me, I will do what I can to put them at risk of bodily injury, because. That’s what kept them from destroying my home and family, McCluskey said.

The attorney general who was the attorney general in the case had earlier confirmed to the press that there was no indication that the protesters were armed, or that they knew they had moved into the McCluskey family property.

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