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Ines Castel-Branco, Tvi

Parental divorce, separation and return to TVI

Maria Serqueira Gomez gave an interview to Ines Castel Branco on “Kunta Me” and talked about her parents’ divorce, separation and return to TVI.

Ines Castel Branco began by admitting that she did not think of herself as a beautiful woman. He was only 8 years old when his parents divorced, but at the time he passed away.

“I didn’t realize it, for many years I didn’t realize the effect it had on me. It was only a short time ago that I started to realize”He started telling the actress Maria Serqueira Gomez.

“It was a surprise to us [para ela e para os irmãos] they broke up. Perhaps the father is absent, and perhaps it has to do with my choices.”, He said. The way her parents communicated after the divorce made her look at things differently.

“When I got divorced I didn’t repeat the pattern, we are a united family”In his own words, referring to the separation from the father of his son. Ines Castel Branco started therapy and spoke about the topic without shame. According to the actress, even today “There is a stigma that treatment is for people with mental health issues.”

She sought help due to the divorce process, infertility issues and also because of her “not easy” profession. To the brothers he did not spare his praise: “I cannot imagine myself without them.”

Inês Castel-Branco entered the world of fashion at the age of fourteen and at the age of eighteen she auditioned to be an actress. It was through this choice that he discovered his passion for the region. When she left home for work, Luisa Castel Branco suffered a lot, but she always supported her.

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“The three of us are as we are because of her”, announced. The actress returned to TVI, becoming part of the cast of the new plot, and she could not be happier. “It’s so much fun (…) Everyone treats me well and she’s a group of talented actorsHe added, emphasizing the spirit of retreat among the actors.

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