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Kerry Ingham, a 39-year-old mother of two from Cambridgeshire, England, was fed up with the sweets at home being devoured in one bunch by children.

Kerry was looking for a way to stop the vultures.

News agency Jam Press reports.

– To solve the problem, I have to hide the snack in a place where they won’t find it, says the mother, according to the news agency.

Desperate grip

Around Easter, Kerry finds herself having to hide some Easter eggs for her children, and that’s when she discovers the inventive hiding place.

– I had to hide the eggs before the kids found out. Hurriedly, I shoved the candy into the dryer, says the mother of two.

Then the 39-year-old realized how unusually spacious the storage room was.

Not least, I realized how genius the hiding place actually was:

– Kids will never believe that candy is in there, she explains.

went viral

The Cambridgeshire woman has taken to social media to share her latest discovery.

It wasn’t long before the comments poured in.

In the post, the mom-of-two revealed that she no longer uses the dryer for its intended purpose.

The barrel is dark and cold, provided it is not connected to electricity. It is perfect for storage. Besides, no one can use a dryer these days because of the expensive electricity, you write.

Great hiding places

In the comments section, hundreds of parents of toddlers have shared their own tips and secret hiding places.

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Among other things, some hide chocolate in sealer boxes, while others resort to the salad section of their refrigerator to hide candy.

– My mother used the washing machine as a hiding place, until one day we saw a chocolate bar while washing. One woman commented she must have forgotten he was there.

Fysen supports

One mother revealed that she also used the dryer as a hideout, until she was caught in the act by her children.

– Since then, I have not found such a good hiding place, you write.

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