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Paris Hilton's Mercedes was a bad deal - The Observer

Paris Hilton’s Mercedes was a bad deal – The Observer

Mercedes and McLaren, while the former supplied F1 engines for the latter’s team, joined forces to design the SLR, a super sports car of which only 2,157 was built. The most famous example was taken by Paris Hilton, not because she belongs to a family heiress known to own a hotel chain, but because Britney Spears got out of her low Mercedes in a garish manner when the singer “forgot” her status. on some of her underwear and the paparazzi were waiting for her.

Britney Spears’ departure from the Mercedes SLR McLaren made Paris Hilton one of the most famous cars in the world. Not necessarily for the best reasons

Paris Hilton sold an SLR McLaren, and Ed Bolian was the new owner of the Mercedes, for which he paid just $180,000, which seemed like a good deal. Little did he know that the sports car desperately needed to see some parts recover, and return to its original shape. Starting with the steering wheel that had to be replaced and that required an additional investment of $1,899.

Replacement targets were also the front brake cooler air ducts ($1250), the power steering pump ($2220), the rack and pinion ($6,270) and sensors that measure tire pressure ($1,700). The misuse of vertical opening doors also implies some costs, which are $5,000 for the shock absorbers.

The brake discs were already being used a lot after the pads gave their essence to the creator, so the first ($20,000) as well as the second ($3,000) discs had to be replaced. Among other minor expenses, it was also necessary to replace the oil, which forced Ed Bolian to spend an additional 2,105 dollars. In total, Bolian had to pay $34.565, or about €28,400, to get the SLR ready to go.

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