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Paris Hilton's son-in-law who was never a professional ::

Paris Hilton's son-in-law who was never a professional ::

After Kazuo Miura -At the beginning of February 2023-, the unusual and unexpected relegation was once again in the second division.

In the latest registration update, in addition to Sherwin Dandy Seedorf – nephew of the legend Seedorf who has not played since 2021 – Lank Villaverdence has signed up. Courtney Reaumea 45-year-old striker who has never played professional football before.

It should be noted that the striker only played at the collegiate level for Columbia University, as stated on his player record Zero zeroTo add more curiosity to this unusual transfer, he is also the son-in-law of celebrity and businesswoman Paris Hilton.

After all, who is Courtney Reaume? Originally from Los Angeles, Courtney is approx 300 thousand followers On the social network Instagram He introduces himself as an entrepreneur, investor, presenter and book author Your Startup Shortcut: Accelerating Success with Unconventional Tips from the Trenches.

According to the site popularity, The Villa Verde player currently has assets worth more than 35 million euros, which raises even greater curiosity about the motives behind the businessman, as an athlete, entering the club.

Regarding Courtney's life as a player, the businessman played this sport during his studies and after he finished his studies his passion for sports only showed through social media, where he posted photos at basketball, football and soccer matches… However, always as a player. Just a spectator.

An unusual fact that explains the current status of the Vila Verde logo, which currently occupies the penultimate position in the SABSEG Portuguese League and has always changed the 'home' while currently He plays in Coimbra

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