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Paris is seeing a significant increase in bed bugs

Paris is seeing a significant increase in bed bugs

They are observed in hotels and cinemas. They have been seen crawling into homes and on subway cars. Now Paris is fighting a difficult battle against the annoying parasite.


Many media outlets around the world recently reported news of a bedbug invasion in the French capital.

Bedbug infestations have been increasing in France over the past two or three years, and usually reach their peak in the summer, but this year we have surpassed all other years, says the President of France. InlbInlbNational Institute for the Study and Control of Bed Bugs. Norwegian translation: National Institute for the Study and Control of Bed Bugs. Mary Everoy, L CNN.

– You can get bedbugs anywhere

According to the Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire CBS News She asked Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne to draw up an action plan to combat bed bugs.

In a televised speech on Friday, Gregoire was also not subtle in his mention of bedbugs:

-You must understand that in reality no one is safe. Gregoire said, according to CNN, that it is clear that there are risk factors, but you can be infected with bed bugs anywhere and take them home with you.

CBS News wrote that reports of rising bedbug cases first came from hotels and rental properties this summer, but bedbugs haven’t let themselves be stopped by this:

Now they can also be observed, among other things, in subway cars and ordinary homes.

On the other hand, the company responsible for the Paris metro said on Monday that it had not recorded any cases of bed bugs during the past few days.

This insect, the bedbug, is of great concern in France.

Because of the large number of travelers

– This is mainly due to the movement of people, and the fact that people stay for a short time and bring bed bugs with them in their luggage, Johanna Veit tells CNN. She works at the French Ministry of Risk Assessment.

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Fite also points out that the increase in bedbugs is due to the insect’s increasing resistance to insecticides.

to BBC Entomologist Jean-Michel Berenger says that every summer they see a significant increase in the number of bed bugs in France.

Each year, the seasonal increase is greater than the increase in the previous year, Beringer says.

– A kind of paranoia

Part of the anxiety in France is due to Paris hosting the Summer Olympics, which begin on July 26, 2024.

However, many government officials have come out and warned against hysteria.

– There is a bedbug problem, but at the same time there is a kind of paranoia, says Everoy in INELP.

– This does not constitute a threat to the Olympic Games, says Deputy Mayor Gregoire.