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Parsa opens the door to the Holland file

On the sidelines of Ferran Torres’ presentation, Joan Laborda spoke about the progress of the Holland file. The Barசாa leader says his club is once again at the forefront of the transfer window for big signings.

A few words on the hot topic. When asked about Earling Hollande’s visit to Barசாa, Joan Laborda did not reject this hypothesis. “With Ferran we made the exception of signing before the required salary limit. Planning for next season is also underway and we are constantly working to build a new team. Anything is possible if it is good. I’m sure it will go well,” the president of the Catalan Club explained on the sidelines of Ferran Torres’ presentation.

“We will let other employees know we have this winter transfer window in mind. We are working very leisurely, setting the pace. We need to explore all the alternatives. We are in the process of bringing something new to the winter market. And the team. We are working to strengthen the listening positions.

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Ferran Torres has not yet been recorded

Despite the significant debts that Barசாa have incurred in recent months, the John Laporte Club “guarantees to continue to be a benchmark in the football market.

Meanwhile, the former Manchester City player is not yet registered with Barசாa and he hopes the situation will be resolved soon. “When we signed with Ferran, we knew there was no salary limit. We firmly believe this will happen before Sunday,” said football director Matthew Allemani.

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