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Party committees cancel Leandro's concerts after controversy

Party committees cancel Leandro's concerts after controversy

“W“Because of the party's omissions, I did not kill anyone or do any more than any parent in my situation would do.” In this way Leandro began a short statement in which he explained the fact that some of his concerts were cancelled.

The singer, who this week was at the center of a major controversy related to an alleged attack on a dog, indicated that he was “I'm tired of being judged for something ridiculous.” And it happened “Calls trying to cancel summer commitments.”

After that, Leandro once again addressed the IRA (Intervention and Animal Rescue), an association that highlighted Leandro's statements about the alleged aggression, carried out inside the “Big Brother – Desafio Final” house.

“File a complaint? Of course, but all it takes for the lawyers to intervene is to realize the wrongdoing and slander they were doing in my name! Now do you want us to get together to try to apologise? No, now let’s go to court.”The artist concluded. Now look:

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