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Pastoral da Saúde organizes a “health circle” with free services

Pastoral da Saúde organizes a “health circle” with free services

The Paróquia Matriz de Santo André and the Pastoral da Saúde will hold the first edition of the “Circuito da Saúde” next Sunday (24/09/2023), from 8 am to 12 noon. With 100% free activities in front of the main parish, in Villa Assunção, the event aims to raise awareness among the population about the work of the Unified Health System (SUS) and constitutional rights, in addition to providing care, examinations and guidance to improve the quality of life, promote health and prevent diseases.

Tests and services available include measuring blood glucose (diabetes), measuring blood pressure, assessing body mass index (BMI) using a bioimpedance meter and evaluation with a nutritionist, oral cancer screening, counseling on healthy nutrition, and guidance on use. SUS, breast cancer directive. There will also be event-themed entertainment for children.

“Motivated by the recently created health pastoral care for our diocese community, we will have our first health circle, to think about our health and, who knows, identify any situation that needs greater care. We will have stations where residents will stop by, get to know themselves and take greater care of their health. Everyone is welcome “, calls the parish priest Father Tiago Cipolla, from the Parish Church of Santo Andre.

The Ministry of Health of the main Diocese of Santo Andre is managed by Fando Domicelli. For member of the Municipal Health Board of Santo Andre and Board of Trustees of the ABC Foundation, Gilberto Vieira Montero, this activity is a great opportunity to learn more about the work of SUS as well as to get help. He added: We will have many volunteers participating in this work that combines awareness, guidance and assistance. In addition to learning more, attendees will be able to update their health, take tests, and speak with industry professionals.

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The First Sanitary Circle of the Main and Pastoral Diocese of Santo André will be held next Sunday, September 24, from 8 am to 12 noon, in front of the main church (Praça Presidente Vargas, 01, Vila Assunção – Santo André/SP). No prior registration is required and interested parties can go directly to the website.

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