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Path of Exile: Scourge arrives today (27) for PS4 and Xbox One

Path of Exile: Scourge arrives today (27) for PS4 and Xbox One

a gear grinding games announced that The way of negation: affliction, the latest expansion of the award-winning Action RPG Exile Road, arrives today on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles. The free content has already been available for PC and Mac since it was officially launched last week, and now it’s coming to consoles bringing a series of new features and balances to the game.

Watch the trailer for the movie Path of Exile: Scourge:

This new content brings the Challenge League calamity, new skill gems, overhaul of trees, improvements to the Atlas apocalypse game, new ambitious endgame content, new guild features, new unique items, and much more.

“A mysterious person appears out of nowhere, fleeing from a threat you cannot see. She has given you a rusty device called the Bloody Crucible and is asking you to implant it in your body…”

in a The way of negation: afflictionPlayers implanted a device known as a blood crucible in their bodies. The crucible is filled with the blood of monsters defeated on your travels. Once it reaches a certain point, the adventurers will be able to activate the device, which will instantly send them to a parallel reality, an alternate Wraeclast filled with demons known as the Vulture. The more blood is collected, the longer they can stay in the parallel Wraeclast. But… the longer they stay there, the more damage they will suffer in the process.

Within this Wraeclast alternative, players will also find several ways to modify the spacing of damaged items. Also, as long as players destroy Punishment and other monsters in this location, the Bloody Crucible will accumulate experience and be able to level up. Players will then be able to allocate their skill points in their passive tree, allowing for specializations such as unlocking more item slots, converting items faster – and better results from these transformations – and much more. It would eventually be possible to customize each of the abilities of the Blood Crucible, but for this it would be necessary to destroy hundreds of demons in this world.

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In Atlas, players will be able to find the Furnace of Worlds, a device that grants the ability to map the Bloody Crucible with their gear. When a map absorbs enough corruption, it will transform, gaining a beneficial and harmful effect just like a piece of equipment, but it may also gain a modifier that completely changes the behavior of the evil bond on that map.

Maps can be transformed up to ten times, which greatly increases the risks and rewards on each of them. When a map is transformed the second or subsequent time, there is a possibility that a new beneficial or harmful modifier will build up with the existing modifier, increase its strength, or potentially add a new modifier. Big offers always come with big risks.

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