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Patrick Sebastian refuses to know the identity of his biological father

Guest of the Show This Sunday, September 26, TF1, the host confessed to the injuries caused by the abandonment of an unknown father.

The most famous acrobat in France, Patrick Sebastian has decided to go back on the roads, so on tour “The world’s largest cabaret”, He has performed in France 2 for over twenty years.

Called on Sunday, September 26, September 8, he reconsiders his expulsion from television. His father’s abandoned injury triggered again.

A bastard

He admits on the TF1 show: Withdrawing his own show reminded him of the wound of “bastardism, abandonment. It came to me at a time when children were beating me on the head and complaining. Your dad, you have nothing.”

In fact, his mother was considered “the mother of a daughter”, she gave birth to him at the age of 17 and his father did not recognize him.

Surrounded by love

But he noted “Lots of love around me. I only had girls, I had my grandmother. My mom had 4 sisters.

He has no idea who his biological father is

The presenter explains, however, that he refuses to know the identity of his biological father.

“I still don’t know who my dad is, I don’t want to know. I didn’t like it because I grew up with it. I wish I knew it It would break everything for me. This is my engine, “he says

Another man raised him

Before paying homage to the one who does not.

“After all, I was Raised by another Who a Big guy. Who raised me, who took charge at the age of 7, who raised me hard, who Too hard with me … for love. For me he is one of the most respected people in the world. “

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The question of recognition

As a kind of revenge for life, Patrick Sebastian promises, without this abandonment, “I will definitely not be there.”

“There is nothing else that makes me happyTo be recognized by all On the street There’s a guy who doesn’t recognize me. “

The question of identity

And when he hears about the fact that he has revealed himself through disguise and impersonation, he comes back to his father’s abandoned state.

“I have no identity, so I took the identity of others and told myself, maybe I will succeed in becoming one.”

Before concluding: “Identity fascinated me, logically I have nothing.”