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Paula - Benfica's director responds to the federation: "We have already contributed 25 medals" (Judo)

Paula – Benfica’s director responds to the federation: “We have already contributed 25 medals” (Judo)

Controversy continues in national judo. After Jorge Fernandez, president of the Portuguese Judo Federation, downplayed the open letter signed by seven athletes, saying the vast majority of Benfica are, and therefore, not represented, the Reds responded.

Ana Oliveira, Benfica’s Olympic project coordinator, has been heavily criticized on the club’s official television.

“The president of the federation says the worst, he says it just makes him want to laugh. We both laugh a lot, the athletes laugh a lot, about two months before the world championships they want to prepare for it with dignity and calm, because they are athletes who are used to winning, and nobody wins if they don’t. The president of the Olympic Committee is certainly not laughing, nor is the foreign minister. Benfica has already contributed 25 medals to Portugal. Here we are faced with a phenomenon that must be well thought about. I mean to say that this is Benfica’s fault. How is that the day before this letter You ask the club’s project coordinator for help and the next day it’s our fault?. Benfica is to blame for taking advantage of the national sport in high competition. By saying this, he also underestimates other clubs, other athletes”, he shot.

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