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Paula - Palinha will try to "persuade" Ronaldo to return to Sporting (Sporting).

Paula – Palinha will try to “persuade” Ronaldo to return to Sporting (Sporting).

Joao Palinha and Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be together, to represent the national team in the final stage of the European Championship. A perfect occasion for a Sporting midfielder to convince the Quinas captain to return to play the Lion in the Box?

“If I were to convince you? I’ll do it. I’ll try at least … [risos]“The number 6, in green and white, said, on Futebol Total, on Channel 11.

When asked if he thought he would be able to share a Sporting locker room with CR7, Palinha played in defense.

“I don’t know, they should ask him and who the president of Sporting,” he warned himself, immediately indicating that “he will be a great taste, for everything he represents, whether in the national team or in the world of football.”

“I think there will be a consensus that it will be something extraordinary for him to return to Portuguese football and Sporting,” he stressed.

special offer

Joao Ballenha made his debut in the national team squads last March, combining Fernando Santos’ options for the first three qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup, against Azerbaijan, Serbia and Luxembourg.

He confirmed at the time that the captain immediately left him “extremely comfortable”.

“We talked a lot. He’s a very humble person. He was happy to introduce the jacket to me. I didn’t know if I was going to order, I didn’t want to offend;” Leonin said the midfielder, “He must have a lot of people teasing him because of that, it’s normal.” Exactly, “adding:” I always liked him and asked him not to regret it if he did not. “

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