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Paula - "Server or Benfica" asks Rui Costa for clarification on the audit (Benfica)

Paula – “Server or Benfica” asks Rui Costa for clarification on the audit (Benfica)

This Tuesday, the “Server or Benfica” movement asked President Rui Costa for clarification on the audit process, an “obligation” assumed in the election campaign, asking, for example, who is doing the inspection.

“Server or Benfica” sent a letter today to Chairman Rui Costa, requesting clarifications regarding the audit of the Sport Lisbon e Benfica business group, which fulfilled its commitment in the last election campaign. The association of associates is fundamental to the achievement of the sporting objectives of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, and therefore it is essential that it ensures the transparency of the ongoing process and protects the future of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, allowing for the final elimination of past practices”, then there are nine questions for Rui Costa.

“1. Which entity did the forensic audit?
2. How was the entity that carried out the work chosen?
3. Is it a completely independent entity in relation to the SLB group and the principal persons responsible for the companies?
4. What is the time period under review in the required review?
5. Has any suspicion of illegality been detected? What conclusions were reached?
6. What measures/decisions have already been taken/decision on these cases?

7. What actions/decisions have this directorate actually taken or are they planned, in light of the irregularities that have been revealed, ie with regard to the formation of the SLB as an assistant in legal proceedings?
8. Do the cases discovered include those related to operations/transactions which, although documented, have nothing to do with the activity of the Benfica Group companies, perhaps for the benefit of a person, but not society?
9. Which companies in the Benfica Group have been audited? Just sad or the club, or is it all in the group? “

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