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Paula - UD Leiria win Vitoria de Setubal (Portuguese Championship)

Paula – UD Leiria win Vitoria de Setubal (Portuguese Championship)

UD Leiria defeated Vitoria de Setubal, 2-1, in a match from the second round of the southern region of the second-flight promotion stage, which was held Sunday evening at the Doctor Magalhaes Pessoa stadium, in Leiria.

The players suffered a setback very early in the game, after Victor Masaya was sent off, right after 18 minutes (he ousted Frederick Mendy, at the entrance to the area, when the striker was still cut off from Fabio Ferreira’s goal), but they knew how to deal with adversity and won fairly. .

It was precisely Frederick Mendy who had a great opportunity to score in the first half, in the 29th minute, after a cross from the right side of Goncalo Batista, but the Sadino striker shot over the crossbar.

In the supplementary stage, after the positive entry by the sadinos – Zequinha, already in the area, fired for a wonderful defense of Fábio Ferreira (55) – it was the Syndicalists who, until reduced to ten elements, showed greater maturity in addition to being lethal .

In the 71st minute, after a corner kick by Andresinho, Joao Paredes veered off his head and Diego Gallo headed home. After only 7 minutes, Badara, on the edge of goal, diverted a cross from Kaka’s left and made it 2-0.

Vittoria Setubal tried to respond and Simedo nodded after 86 minutes from the crossbar. Soon after … a new misery for Fabio Ferreira. As it had already happened against Torreense, last Tuesday, in the match UD Leiria lost 0-1, the union goalkeeper again saw his luck knock at his door and in an almost identical fashion: this time, after a Bruno Ventura bow shot on the post, the ball hit the goalkeeper’s back and entered . 1-2.

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With this win, UD Leiria continues to add 3 points, tying Torreense in second place, both behind Estrela da Amadora, who has 4 points. Vittoria de Setubal occupies last place with one point.

Next Friday, the next round will take place from this southern region, with Estrela da Amadora hosting UD Leiria (16 hours) and V. Setúbal playing at home with Torreense (18 hours).