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Paulineha Abelha died.  The Brazilian singer was 43 years old

Paulineha Abelha died. The Brazilian singer was 43 years old

The artist was hospitalized 12 days ago with kidney problems while on tour in Sao Paulo

Paulinha Bvocalist black panties band, died Wednesday at the age of 43, in Aracaju, northeastern Brazil. The singer has been hospitalized since February 11 with kidney problems.

The information was provided by the squad and confirmed by a note from Primavera Hospital, according to Globe.

Although ill for some time, the artist’s health worsened in recent days, which led to her being taken to hospital on the eleventh, after experiencing severe pain upon arriving in Aracaju on a tour that she was going to take via São Paulo. Paulineha Abelha required dialysis from the third day of her hospital stay.

On February 17, information was published that the singer was in a coma. When the medical team was asked about the possible consequences of a coma, he said the biggest challenge was “keeping her alive.”

In recent days, thousands of fans gathered in front of the hospital in a strong stream of electronic forró idol.

Who was Paulinha Ebelha?

Paula de Menezes Nascimento Leça Viana (Paulinha de Abelha) was born in Simao Dias in 1978 and began her career in the band Panela de Barro where she collaborated with Daniel Diao.

The artists met again in the band “Calcinha Prieta”, in 1990, which was also composed by Sylvania Aquino and Bill Oliver. She was honored with a song named after her: “Paulinha”.

Later, in 2009, she left the band to join “GDÓ. do Forró” with Marlus Viana, to whom she was married. In 2014, he returned to “Calcinha Preta”. In 2016, he left the band again to form a duet with Silvânia Aquino, and returned to the group in 2018.

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Among his biggest hits are “Furunfa”, “Baby dool”, “Louca por ti”, “Sonho Lindo”, “Armadilha”, “Paulinha” and “Ainda te amo”.

“Calcinha Preta” recorded DVD in February 2020 and is now back on tour after interruptions due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The band’s last commitment was to record an episode of the podcast “Podpah”, in São Paulo, on February 8. In total, the artist recorded 21 discs and three DVDs.

She was married to model Klepino Santos.