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Paulo Rocha’s son is already five years old and the actor shares unique photos. See how you slept

This Tuesday, May 23rd, was a special day for Paulo Rocha. Jose Francisco He completed five years of age, and the Portuguese actor celebrated this date Instagram pageAnd share unique photos with their son.

“Congratulations my dear and beloved son, today is your fifth birthday, to have the good fortune and privilege to watch you up close as you become this happy boy, passionate about life, and loving with everyone around you, It’s the best part of my stay! Thank you, my dear!”I started writing in the caption of the post.

“Your father loves you more than anything in the world! Always be happy!! Even on cloudy days!!”added and ended with a declaration to the woman:Julianna Thank you so much my love for our son!! I love you”.

Followers “melted” the post and filled the comment box with congratulatory messages and praise. “how cute”And “JF boy, lots of happiness and health” that it “Oops, Paolo, I can’t stand it! It’s beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!” There have been some reactions.

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Remember, Paulo Rocha has been living in Brazil for over a decade, and it was on the other side of the Atlantic that he met a Brazilian psychiatrist Juliana Pereira da Silva.

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