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Pay the rent?  You can get an extra €40 in your salary (find out how that works)

Pay the rent? You can get an extra €40 in your salary (find out how that works)

sIf you have a permanent housing lease, know that you can ask your employer Monthly reduction in withholding tax. In practice, workers now receive an additional 40 euros per month, according to DECO PROteste.

Who is entitled?

“Just Employees with gross monthly salaries (gross salary) of up to €2,700 can ask their employer to reduce the withholding long as they hold a lease or sublease agreement for their first home,” reveals the consumer protection organization.

Moreover, “this support also extends to Holders of housing credit contracts intended to purchase, build or carry out works on their permanent homes“.

By adhering to this procedure, the worker will receive an additional 40 euros per month, but “so It does not mean that the worker will earn more or pay less in taxesThis means that the employee “will”. Less deduction for the IRS and the accounts will be settled the following yearWhen a worker files his or her annual IRS return.”

When can you order?

“Workers who want to take advantage of the reduction in withholding tax should Check with your employer how much advance notice is required to deliver the applicationTaking into account the payroll processing deadlines practiced by each company and the accounting adjustments necessary to put this procedure into effect,” explains DECO PROteste.

Example: “If an employer processes payroll on, say, the 10th of every month, its employees must submit this request before that date, so that it has an impact on the salary received at the end of that month.”

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“The worker can choose that Submit the request in one go, starting from all months of 2024, or request a reduction in the withholding tax only in the months in which you want to activate this feature.“, the organization further explains.

Can the company reject the request?

No, according to DECO PROteste, “as long as the worker meets the access requirements, The employer cannot deny the reduction in source blocking“.

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