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PE government confirms first case of mycosis fungoides in state patient with Covid

PE government confirms first case of mycosis fungoides in state patient with Covid

The first case of mucosal infection was recorded in a patient with Covid-19 in Pernambuco. The information was released this Sunday (6), by the State Department of Health (SES).

According to the state, the 59-year-old woman has been hospitalized, since Friday (4), in the ward of Oswaldo Cruz University Hospital (Hawok), in the Santo Amaro district, in the central region of Recife.

Caused by fungi of the order Mucorales, this disease has been known for more than a century and can affect the lungs and disfigure the sinuses.

In recent weeks, an outbreak of myxomatosis among Covid-19 patients in India has caught the world’s attention.

The Department of Health reported that the patient’s clinical condition was considered stable and conscious. The woman, who lives in the city of Casinhas, in the Agreste region of Pernambuco, suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma in addition to obesity.

Infection scientist Demetrius Montenegro, head of the infectious diseases department at Oswaldo Cruz Hospital, noted that the disease affects people with reduced immunity. According to him, diabetes is a co-morbid risk of both Covid-19 and yeast infection.

Also, according to the infection doctor, despite its severity, the disease is not transmitted from one person to another. In Brazil, this year 29 cases of mycoplasmosis have been reported, at least four of which have been investigated in association with Covid-19.

Mycosis fungoides infection was confirmed by tissue examination. The secretariat informed in a note that “the Ministry of Health has been informed of the case and it is investigating its possible connection to the novel coronavirus.”

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According to the state, the woman was confirmed to have Covid-19 in March, in addition to later having bacterial pneumonia.

An excerpt from the memo reads: “The patient is already cured of Covid-19, but in the treatment, despite not being hospitalized, she used antibiotics and steroids.”

The government also said that before she was admitted to the university hospital, the woman underwent other health services, including oral surgery, which was affected.

Infection scientist Tiago Ferraz, of Oswaldo Cruz, stated that the patient is being treated with medication.

In addition, the specialist informed, that the woman underwent surgery to remove the fungus. However, Ferraz said, he will be subject to further investigations through filming and reassessment.

According to him, the patient still had some symptoms characteristic of the presence of this fungus in the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Covid in Pernambuco

This Sunday (6) the government of Pernambuco confirmed 1,666 more cases of Covid-19. The daily epidemic monitoring bulletin issued by the state health department also reported 49 new deaths from the disease.