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Pedro Bi-Corto from Casados ​​Appears in Public With His New Girlfriend... But There's a Big Problem With Her - Celebrities

Pedro Bi-Corto from Casados ​​Appears in Public With His New Girlfriend… But There’s a Big Problem With Her – Celebrities

Pedro Bi-Curto, the charismatic physical education teacher who competed on the “Reality Show” Married At First Sight and walked down the aisle with administrative secretary Loris Liliana Oliveira, has a new girlfriend he’s trying to hide. The problem is that he decided to appear with her at a party with 212 people on a boat and the secret was up in the air. Sparkle! You know that the lady’s name is Filipa and that her appearance at a ’90s themed party organized by the couple Bruno Santos and Ruth Oliveira, of the current version of ‘Casados’ causes them family restrictions. We find out that the lady has become divorced and the photos to be released will complicate the life of Pedro Bi-Curto’s mysterious girlfriend.

Pedro Pé-Curto has a lot of fun during his Casados ​​cruise…but he can’t show his girlfriend

He has a finger for the dramatic problem

This new relationship with a gym teacher from the south bank of the Tagus River follows another that has appeared in magazines and social networks. After ending his turbulent marriage with Liliana Oliveira in the course of the SIC programme, Pé Curto finds love alongside Soraia Araújo, the former sculptural competitor of “Reality”, also on SIC, “Quem Quer Namorar com o Agricultur?”.

Liliana and Anna, from “Casados”, during the party on the Tagus River
Photo: Covina Media

Love seemed to be in the air and the couple appeared together in countless photos on their social networks. But after months of falling in love, the love calmed down and ended. Before assuming the end of the relationship, which occurred only months after they put the tombstone to say goodbye, Pedro Bi-Curto confirmed, in statements to ‘TV Guia’ magazine, that “confinement due to Covid-19 and the illness of Sora’s mother” makes us spend less time together. I am on the south bank of the river Tagus and it is on the north bank. But everything is fine and we are still together,” he assured. But it was a lie.

Bargaining letters from “The Farmer” Ines to Pedro Bi-Corto

The beautiful Soraia Araújo who was for her Twice the cover of the men’s Playboy magazine One of the girls in the ‘Acorrentados’ competition, led at the time by Artur Albrán, was at her mother’s home, with some health conditions, including in the care of her mother, who was already suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember that Pedro Bi-Corto’s marriage to Liliana Oliveira also ended in the worst way. The feud began right on their honeymoon when a gym teacher lost his wedding ring while snorkeling on a paradise beach in Mauritius. Pé-Curto left SIC accusing his ex-wife of being “toxic”.

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