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Pedro Crispem stirs followers by sharing a touching moment: “Cheer for us…”

On Tuesday, January 31, Pedro Crispem took to social networks to share a sensitive and emotional topic with his followers. The commentator of the program “A Ex-Periência”, on TVI, left a “request” to netizens.

Through his personal Instagram account, Pedro Crispim revealed that his cat, who he has been with for more than nine years, has a serious health problem. The model gave an emotional description of this delicate moment:

We have been together without giving up a single second for over 9 years, from the day we fell in love @tweet (And they still say there is no such thing as love at first sight…) Last year my best friend was diagnosed with lymphoma of the intestine. 💔 He began writing in a video showing several moments alongside his loyal companion.

The TVI commentator also revealed that his cat has already started her chemotherapy sessions and assured that he will do his best to always provide him with well-being: “Chico had his second chemo session. My mate has been so sad, low and distant… I can only give him all the comfort and love I have in me. No one here will give up on him and this love story of ours! Cheer up for us. 🐱”it has finished.

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