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Pedro Guedes recorda queda das torres gémeas e revela: “Era suposto estar lá…”

Pedro Geddes recalls the fall of the Twin Towers and reveals: “There was supposed to be…”

He challenged Big Pedro Guedes and took a trip back in time. The contestant remembered a moment in the past where he could have lived differently.

The “Big Brother – The Ultimate Challenge” contestant traveled back to 2001 and recalled the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11: “I should have been in New York at the beginning of September, and on a whim, my brother and I decided not to go. We said, stubbornly, to our agency: ‘No, we want to stay in Portugal (…) If that’s the case, it’s at the end of the month.'” And on September 11, the two towers fell.begins by saying.

Pedro Guedes admits that this tragic situation affected his “present” and “future”: “New York was going to be the city we made our primary home. We lived in New York. We decided not to go and then we saw all this horror on TV and we knew we had so many friends, mostly four of our friends who lived next door to the towers, it was very hard not knowing what happened to them , and what was happening in the city, how did it happen…” explains.

After this command, the competitor further assumed: “I didn’t know what to think. I just cried because we were supposed to be there and thought what would happen to my friends. I couldn’t even be blessed because I was terrified knowing I had about 20 friends there.”

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