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Pedro Lima's son honors the actor with a unique message

Pedro Lima’s son honors the actor with a unique message

Monday, June 20, marks two years since the death of Pedro Lima. Passionate date that the eldest son of the actor, Joao Francisco Limawas marked with slight acclaim on social networks.

The young man dedicated a poem titled Saudade to his father.

On the edge of the look

There is another me

who lives forever

Parts of what happened

of different equivalences

and climb clarity

This is the reality

Which in the soul lives trapped

In your nostalgia

in your love

Don’t feel the sea

Do not count the praise

old in time

exists in space

space-time memory

With time it gains space

like torn hugs

Add to curiosity

Make men broken

It is the heart of the heart

Lusitania’s heritage

full of mystery

Hercules is a feat

to describe the longing

Remember that the news of Pedro Lima’s death stunned the country. The actor was found lifeless on the beach of Abano in Cascais.

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