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Pedro Nuno Santos leaves Ryanair CEO with burning ears – Aviação

The ministry said in a statement that the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing conveyed this Wednesday to the CEO of Ryanair that Portugal “does not accept interventions or lessons from a foreign airline that only responds to its shareholders.”

The meeting between Pedro Nuno Santos and Michael O’Leary took place “at the minister’s request”, in reference to the tutelage.

According to the statement, the Portuguese minister did not spare any criticism of the Irish company, saying that “Ryanair is a private company and does not have to interfere in the sovereign decisions made by the Portuguese government.” “It is clear to everyone that Ryanair is seeking to take advantage of a difficult situation created by a pandemic to attack a number of European companies of central importance to many member states. In the face of the systematic hostilities on TAP, Ryanair did not expect the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing to adopt it.” An attitude of cooperation or even indifference, “he adds.

He seized the opportunity to attack Irish labor laws violations that have been referred to as “low cost”. “In order to operate in Portugal, the airline has to respect the national legislative framework, in particular the labor legislation that Ryanair insists is not respected,” he said.

In a tough tone, Pedro Nuno Santos admits that “Ryanair’s investment in Portugal is welcome,” but asserts that “the company is in Portugal only because it is financially favorable. It is a matter of profit and not a“ service ”to the Portuguese. The state or the Portuguese. Ryanair comes to Portugal. Just because that is in their interest. “

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Ryanair has filed complaints against various government aid to airlines by member states, in the wake of the aviation crisis brought on by the pandemic.

More recently, the European Union General Court (TGUE), which has so far given Brussels reason for more than 20 appeals by Ryanair to try to curb state aid granted to a number of European airlines, overturned the decision made by the European Commission in the case of TAP, which has seen help arrive To 1.2 billion euros was approved in June 2020, saying it was “not supported by sufficient evidence.”