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Pedro Teixeira responded when a fan accused him of putting his son in 'danger'

Pedro Teixeira responded when a fan accused him of putting his son in ‘danger’

sEdro Teixeira shared a love video last Friday in which he appears to be bathing his youngest son, 2-month-old baby Manuel.

However, despite the wave of comments of affection and tenderness provoked by the photos, one of the followers responded to the post with a very unsympathetic message.

And the netizen noted, “Holding the child by the neck with both hands? What is this and what is this bowl? Dangerous,” accusing the actor and presenter of endangering the child.

Faced with the serious accusation, Pedro Teixeira decided to respond: “You are not caught by the neck with both hands. The ‘tub’ is a bathtub called Chantala, do your research, the information just makes you feel good”. TV face polite I still wish the viewer: “A big kiss and a happy weekend.”

Remember that Manuel was born from the relationship between Pedro Teixeira and Sarah Matos. The boy joins 11-year-old Maria, the actor’s first daughter, as a result of a long-term love affair with Claudia Vieira.

Here is the video that sparked the controversy:

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