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Pentment is an excellent adventure on Game Pass

Pentment is an excellent adventure on Game Pass

Obsidian brings original and fantastic environment

Pentiment is a medieval adventure for PC and Xbox

Pentiment is a medieval adventure for PC and Xbox

Photo: Obsidian/Disclosure

The latest release from Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind classic Fallout: New Vegas, repressed It shows that the producer is still looking for new experiences – like Grounded too – and is able to deliver great games with original and charming proposals.

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At Pentiment, the studio has managed to combine an engaging storyline with accessible game mechanics and an art direction that not only fits both perfectly but captivates the player from the very first moment.

In the game, the player controls the traveling artist, Andreas Maler, as he passes through Tassing, a fictional city in the Holy Roman Empire, at the height of the Middle Ages. Her job involves making copies of manuscripts at the local abbey, but it doesn’t take Mahler long to get sucked into a series of mysteries that need to be solved.

Medieval artwork

The game reproduces the artistic style of the medieval period, both in the lines of the characters and in the text, which plays a central role in the game: there is no dubbing in Pentiment, but the lines of each character in the blocks of text, have different fonts and spellings, which quickly convey the personality of the subject, Whether a poor peasant or an educated priest, for example. And it’s all in Portuguese, which is key in a game like this.

The plot takes place in three acts, in which it is necessary to investigate the murders and find out the perpetrators. It’s time to solve the crime soon, but Maller needs to maintain his routine while doing so, which ends up limiting everything the player can do (which is a great incentive to play again). At the end of each case, it is necessary to point out the culprit, with the evidence that the player was able to uncover, and accept the consequences, regardless of whether the accused is the real criminal or not.

Each arc takes place in a different year, with very long jumps in between, allowing you to witness the changes in the city that many times resulted from your decisions. People also grow old and die. The city is alive and it serves as the second protagonist.


Pentment - Note 9

Pentment – Note 9

Image: Playing the Game/Disclosure

Pentiment is a must-have game for fans of point-and-click adventures. Its style and speed may not be suitable for every type of player, but to be honest, every gamer should give it a try.

Pentiment is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game is included in the Game Pass catalog.

🇧🇷This review was conducted on Xbox Series X.

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