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– People cried and screamed

– People cried and screamed

Four people have been taken to hospital after a theme park attraction at the Lambeth Country Show in London failed. According to eyewitnesses, a number of people flew into the air, the local newspaper wrote My London.

“Unfortunately, a serious incident occurred today at the Lambeth Country Fair in Brockwell Park, where a fault with one of the fairgrounds’ attractions resulted in an accident,” the municipality wrote in a statement.

Emergency services responded to the accident at approximately 18.20 local time.

The condition of the four who were taken to hospital is not yet known.

Several other media outlets covered the incident, among other things daily Mail. An eyewitness told MailOnline that people were screaming and crying.

– I saw a woman with blood running down her face. An eyewitness told the newspaper that paramedics took her away from the attraction.

A person died after falling into the Segoa River from a raft, in the municipality of Celle, in the Inlandet District.
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The witness says that tourist attractions stopped shortly after the accident.

– It was like a horror movie, says another.

Police are now investigating to find out what happened. The area has been cordoned off and the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate will be reported.

– Ambulance personnel and an on-site team cordoned off the area, and the injured were taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment, says a Lambeth Council spokesman.

The spokesman thanked the emergency services for their quick response.

– The situation is being closely monitored. The area surrounding the tourist site is secured, and the fairgrounds are closed. A comprehensive investigation is underway to determine the cause of the failure, says the spokesman, who confirms that all attractions will undergo a comprehensive safety inspection.

The Lambeth Country Show is an annual event in London, with over 120,000 people visiting the park over the weekend. The event has been running since 1974 and attracts more than 200 exhibitors and trade stands. Many reggae artists will also perform.

It is unclear whether Saturday's incident will affect Sunday's program.

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