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People fleeing wildfires in Canada and the US - VG

People fleeing wildfires in Canada and the US – VG

Firefighters attempt to put out a fire that has spread to buildings in Doyle, California. Photo: Noah Berger/AP/NTB

A number of wildfires continue to devastate southwestern Canada and the western United States. Several cities were evacuated.

The Canadian Army is now preparing to deploy another 350 soldiers to British Columbia and 120 to Manitoba. Military personnel also assist the Ontario Provincial Fire Department.

In British Columbia, authorities imposed a state of emergency on Monday. More than 3,000 firefighters are trying to put out the fires. 5,700 people have been evacuated in the county, and 32,000 have been told to prepare for evacuation.

high temperatures Combined with wind makes the work of extinguishing difficult.

“I’ve lived here in Ashcroft for nearly 25 years and have never seen anything close to this,” says Mayor Barbara Rudin.

The most frightening thing is that we’re only halfway through July, she says.

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The Statue of Liberty in New York barely appears in the smoky air carried by strong winds from the western part of the continent. Photo: Julie Jacobson/AP/NTB

80 big fires

South of the border, approximately 80 major wildfires are currently raging in California, Oregon, Montana, and Nevada. The biggest is a fire in Oregon that in two weeks burned an area the size of Los Angeles.

The fire got so big and created so much energy that it’s starting to shape its own weather system, says Marcus Kaufmann of the Oregon Forest Service.

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The fire fueled itself, Kaufman says, and even triggered a lightning strike.

Smoke from wildfires in the west of the continent reached the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania on Tuesday, where health warnings were issued to residents about poor air quality.

A bear cub clings to a tree in a wooded area in the southern state of Oregon in the United States. Firefighters who came to the area silenced the water the child was supplying to himself before it disappeared. Foto: Bryan Daniels / Bootleg Fire Incident Command via AP / NTB

high voltage cable drilling

In California, several cities have been evacuated as a result of a major fire caused by a tree that fell over a high-voltage line owned by PG&E.

Last year, the company pleaded guilty to negligent homicide when a fire broke out near the town of Paradise two years ago, as a result of a faulty high-voltage grid. 86 people lost their lives.

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And the company announced, on Wednesday, that it will immediately start digging 16 thousand kilometers of high-voltage lines in areas where there is a risk of forest fires. The work is expected to be completed within ten years and will cost tens of billions of dollars.