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People mail

Penedo City Hall continues to vaccinate people above its advertised age group

The Municipal Health Secretariat (SEMS) in Pinedo will vaccinate people over the age of 52 against Covid-19 this week. Starting Monday (31), SEMS begins vaccinating people from the age of 54.

On Tuesday, June 1, it will take over for Residents over the age of 53 and on Wednesday, June 2 for people over the age of 52. The Municipal Health Secretariat also informs that age groups above the minimum age will continue to be vaccinated, in the days following the reporting day for the start of new ages.

Since Penedo receives new doses of the vaccine, the administration of Crescendo Com Seu Povo includes new age groups of the population in the priority group, thus vaccinating the Penedense population en masse.

The new Coronavirus vaccination campaign is progressing in Pinedo. To date, 15,633 people have been immunized, a figure that already exceeds 20% of the municipality’s population.

Vaccination takes place at the Covid-19 Vaccination Center, which operates at Ernani Méro State School, from 7am to 5pm. People who are part of the priority group to be vaccinated must bring an official ID with photo, SUS and proof of residency.

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