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People up to the age of 29 should be vaccinated against measles

People up to the age of 29 should be vaccinated against measles

The low demand for immunization, especially against measles, worries the specialists of the Department of Health and Civil Defense of São Gonçalo (CEMSA). Although there have been no confirmed cases in São Gonçalo this year, the city registered only 21.48% of those vaccinated with two doses of the triple-viral vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella. The vaccination rate that the Ministry of Health wants is 95% of the target audience.

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease that mainly affects children. It can cause serious health problems such as: severe diarrhea, ear infection, vision loss, pneumonia and inflammation of the brain. The only means of prevention is through two doses of trivalent viral vaccine at 12 and 15 months of age in 95% of children. Only above this percentage does the transmission of the virus break.

In addition to children, children over 12 months of age and adults up to 29 years of age who have not established their vaccination status should receive two doses of the vaccine, as should all health professionals, regardless of age. Adults over the age of 30 who do not have evidence of measles vaccination should take an MMR shot.

“Measles reappeared in 2020. In São Gonçalo, we registered 90 notifications and 34 cases were confirmed. In 2021, we received eight notifications, and this year, 15. In these two years, we have not had any confirmed cases, but we are alerting the population to vaccinate Their children, because it is one of the most important immunizations in the child’s immunization schedule. Coverage is very low, said nurse Mariana Costa, from the Epidemiological Disease Surveillance Sector of Simsa.

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The most common symptoms of the disease are a high fever (above 38.5 ° C), small sores on the skin (rash), dry cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis (without pus) and small white dots inside the mouth (spots). from Koplik). If disease is suspected, the patient should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), measles remains one of the leading causes of death among young children in the world, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine to prevent the disease. In São Gonçalo, the trivalent viral vaccine is available at 53 vaccination points.

For the vaccination application, you only need to take your vaccination card and your Unified Health System (SUS) card. The vaccine cannot be applied to people with an allergic reaction to the previous dose, children under the age of five who have been severely immunosuppressed for at least six months or who have severe symptoms, pregnant women and people with a history of hypersensitivity to any of the components. the vaccine. .

Vaccination sites:

1 – Clinica Gonçalense do Mutondo

2- USF Josyandra Moura Mesquita, Colobandy

3 – Pam Coelho

4 – USF Oswaldo Cruz, Amendoeira

5 – USF Adolfo Lutz, Amendoeira

6 – USF Bandeirantes

7 – USF Tancredo Neves, Luiz Caçador

8 – USF Valdemar Costa Nunes, Jardim Miriambe

9- Jorge Teixeira de Lima Health Center, Jardim Catarina

10- USF Agenor Jose da Silva, Jardim Catarina

11 – USF Vista Alegre

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12- USF José Avelino de Souza, Tripopo

13 – USF Santa Luzia

14- USF Joao Goulart, Jardim Catarina

15- USF Elza Borges, Santa Luzia

16- USF Ari Teixeira, Jardim Bom Retiro

17- USF Louis Pasteur, Joaxindiba

18- USF Roberto Silvera, Vista Alegre

19 – USF Luiz Paulo Guimarães, Laranjal

20 – USF Apollo III

21- USF Juarez Antunes, Boa Vista de Laranjal

22- Paulo Marques Rangel Health Center, Porto de Rosa

23- USF Marilia Cardoso, jockey

24 – USF Carlos Chagas, Made Miners

25 – USF Mutua II

26- USF Jair Arantes da Cruz, Boa Vista

27- USF David Capistrano Filho, Recanto das Acacias

28- USF Alberto Constantino Farah, Mutua

29- USF Mahatma Gandhi, Jardim California

30 – USF Itauna I

31 – USF Mutuaguaçu

32- Washington Louise Lopez Health Center, Garuto Z

33 – USF Anna Neary, Gradim

34- USF Barbosa Lima Sobrinho Porto da Pedra

35- USF Armando Leão Ferreira, Moro de Castro

36 – USF Wally Figueiras da Silva, Rocha

37- Clinica Goncalense de Baro Vermelho

38- Clinica da Familia Dr. Jardel do Amaral, Venda da Cruz

39- UBS Dr. Haroldo Pereira Nunes, Porto Novo

40- Bam Nevis

41- USF Bucayuva Konya, Gradim

42- Rio de Oro health pole

43- USF Emilio Ribas, Baracao

44- USF Manoel de Abreu, Ibiba

45 – USF Santa Isabel

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46- USF Marechal Cândido Rondon, Colobandy

47- USF El Merinda

48- USF Quinta Dom Ricardo

49- Municipal Family Clinic, Dr. Zerbini, Arsenal

50- USF Jose Jorge Cortes Freitas, Itaetindiba

51- USF Villa Candoza

52- USF Dotel de Andrade, Maria Paula

53- USF Badger da Silveira, Tribobó