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Perez took the first pole of his career!

Perez took the first pole of his career!

( – Sergio Perez takes the first polar position of his Formula 1 career at the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. On his last lap, Red Bull driver Ferraris (Charles Leclerc before Carlos Science) jumped past both of them and blocked a red double pole in the Jetta.

Sergio Perez finished just like he did for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen advanced from eighth to fourth on his last lap, but it was not enough for the front.

Stephen O’Connor (Alpine) was fifth behind George Russell (Mercedes), Fernando Alonso (Alpine), Valteri Potas (Alfa Romeo), Pierre Casley (Alfadouri) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas).

Mick Schumacher (Haas) is in the hospital after a serious accident. Nico Hulkenberg (Aston Martin) finished 18th.

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Why is the pole so special to Sergio Perez?

First, no one expected it. Science was initially in the lead after the first round of Q3. But then Leclerc drove past midfielders with excellent midfielders.

Perez was four smaller sections from the finish line than the two Ferraris, but then he lost time. It seemed not enough, but in the end it worked. With a best time of 1: 28,200 minutes, he was ultimately 0.025 seconds ahead of Leklerk.

“I was not expecting him. He must have done a great job,” Leklerk wonders. And Perez says: “I think I can do 2,000 rounds. I can not beat that time even once. It’s incredible!”

This is a very special polar position for a 32-year-old. The first of his Formula 1 career. One of the first Mexican players in Formula 1. And he broke a record: Mark Webber had to wait until the 130th Grand Prix. Perez performed this feat only on his 215th attempt!

Why was Max Verstappen slower than Perez?

First, Perez managed a better round. Team captain Christian Horner said of the Mexican, “He’s well aware that it’s not usually his strength. In addition, Verstappen is not satisfied with his car:” What the fuck! I had zero grip on this bad tire, “he said on the radio after his first Q3 fold.

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Coincidentally, Verstappen was still under investigation because he was suspected of crossing the roadblock in one of his fast laps. Horner didn’t care: “He could have been in it with the bike, that’s all.”

Verstappen thinks his first run in Q3 was “terrible”. He explains: “The tires on the Q1 and Q2 were very different. Usually at night when the temperature gets colder you get faster and faster. This is the first time I’ve had something like this. I tried something when the tires warmed up. It worked on the Q1 and Q2, but not on the Q3. No. I thought it worked. We need to see. “

What explanation does Carlos Science give for his rebirth?

He was first after the first Q3 round, in the tires it used to be. “It’s weird, but I’m going to get used to the tires I’ve used this weekend. The new tire is very digital, hard to calculate. So I have no grip on the last run in Q3.”

How is Mick Schumacher after the accident?

He was ninth when Mick Schumacher descended violently at the end of the T10 / 11/12 high-speed mix. By then he had set up individual beasts in four of the nine smaller divisions. For the first few minutes, Haas became very worried about the pilot. An ambulance was at the scene and no close-ups or replays were shown on TV.

At 8:51 pm local time, the Haas team gave the first report on Schumacher’s health. A spokesman told the WhatsApp media team that Schumacher was unconscious and on his way to the medical center, but they were waiting for more news.

20 minutes later – still interrupted in the qualifying round – team captain Gunder Steiner made it clear in a direct interview with’Servastiv ‘: “He’s fine, he’s unconscious. He’s talked to his mother, accessible. He has no visible injuries.”

To be on the safe side, the 23-year-old was airlifted to hospital by helicopter for further tests. “Mick, I was told I was in a good mood. He never wanted to go to the hospital. But we still can’t tell if he can drive or not,” Steiner said.

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Which drivers retired in Q2?

In addition to Schumacher, there were two McLaren drivers on the P11 / 12, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. Norris P10 (Russell) clocked 0.033 seconds. In addition, Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo) and Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) finished 13th and 15th, respectively.

Both Ferraris drove very fast in the Q2. After approximately one hour of interruption due to shoemaker, Science did 1: 28.686 minutes. In the end he was 0.094 seconds ahead of Leclerc, 0.238 seconds ahead of Perez and 0.259 seconds ahead of Verstappen.

What was the reason for Lewis Hamilton leaving in Q1?

According to Louis Hamilton, he made his first Q1 exit after an accident in Brazil in 2017 for the 16th time in the first division. “I could not move forward,” he did on the radio during his last run, in which he went into the lap twice as fast. After the failure, he said, “I’m so sorry guys.”

The interval for fourth-placed teammate Russell in Q1 was 0.663 seconds. He was the best driver in a Mercedes engine. In Q1, Mercedes engines occupy the last five places – at least if you ignore Yuki Sunoda’s AlphaTauri Honda after its technical flaw.

Then, bad jokes spread on social media: “Every time Latifi crashes, it’s a bad day for Hamilton.” An endorsement of the dramatic final in Abu Dhabi 2021, Latifi’s accident saw the World Cup-winning safety car.

Hamilton seemed to have composed with his pathetic condition when he gave his first interviews. “Things were even better in the final training session. I wanted to go further in that direction. But we could have gone a long way with that. It made the car unworkable,” he concluded.

Is George Russell happy to have dropped Hamilton?

No. When asked by a journalist about success in standard combat, he dismisses it: “I do not see it that way. We are a team, this is not a good day for us as a team. We do not have it. The car is under control. Nine out of ten we’ve been away from Seco. We have work to do. There’s time in the lap, but we can not open it. “

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How did the red flag come about in Q1?

Williams driver Nicholas Latifi flew into the 13th bank. “Let’s go back,” he said to the radio in his first reaction to his race engineer. Bad luck for both Ferraris: they had to finish their first two sectors and break their fast laps just before the finish line. However, this did not have a significant impact on further qualification.

When Q1 was wiped out again, Yuki Sunoda had problems of a technical nature. “Box. A problem with the fuel system,” his race engineer Radio did. As a result, the Japanese retired in 20th and last place because he had not yet completed a deadline at that time. Latifi drove shortly before the crash and finished 19th.

Why did Nico Halkenberg retire in Q1?

According to him, Aston Martin is “not one of the three or four speed cars”. But he “made life harder for himself. I think Q2 is possible,” the German, who replaces Sebastian Vettel in Saudi Arabia, admits after finishing 18th in the qualifying round.

“My lap was not optimal. The 1st time, I braked a little bit wrong, the 13th time it did not go exactly as planned. It was very possible. Unfortunately, the lap did not go well for me.” Halkenberg angry.

Where can I watch Sunday racing?

In the sky exclusively in Germany. This can be done spontaneously with a live stream via Sky Tickets and does not require a receiver (DISPLAY). Starts at 8:00 pm local time in Saudi Arabia, i.e. 7:00 pm German time. Note: From Saturday to Sunday night, Germany shifts to summer.

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