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Perfect discharge.  Artisans said goodbye to the fans.  "The band is declining in history" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Perfect discharge. Artisans said goodbye to the fans. “The band is declining in history” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The right team completes its operations after 40 years. The musicians said goodbye to the fans and released the official statement. They also revealed the reasons for their decision.

Perfect Say goodbye to fans

Greskors Markovsky was already in April By your daughter’s profile He told the fans that he did not want to return to the stage due to ill health. The other team said they were waiting for him to come back as soon as he felt better. However, this year she planned to go on a farewell tour without a voice. The exact fans were not satisfied with this decision, which may have contributed to the statement released Monday night. In it, the musicians said it was the end of the band’s activities and said goodbye to the fans.

We have truly played for you for the last 40 years. Everything has to end though. That’s right. We did not say goodbye to you from the stage as we wished, because the time to say goodbye came unexpectedly – Crescors Markovsky made a decision to leave the band. Nothing can change anymore. Thanks for being together with us all these years. Perfect band has gone down in history, but our music will always be with you – We read in the report

Internet users about the right decision

In four decades of its operation, Perfect will gather a large fan base Across Poland. Internet users posted hundreds of comments under the group’s farewell post. The decision to leave the band was made with sadness and understanding by the fans. The musicians were overwhelmed with many thanks for their unique work.

Thank you, ladies, for the great music and wonderful concerts over the years. These were many times beautiful moments, and your music will live on in us forever. Sapphire bass in front of the whole band.

As an absolute pillar of Polish rock, many times, it is an honor to be heard to live. Big wild boars!

Thanks for being amazingly creative. The eye is rolling, but “there is time for everything” – just like my parents gave me your music, I will send it to my kids in the future !!

Over the years, thank you for every album, every song, and song of our generation that has become a song for our children. You create and exist the history of Polish music. You do not want to believe … – We read in the comments

Crescors Markovsky’s condition worsens. Confusing information about Perfect’s voice

Confusing information about Greskors Markovsky. From Patrick Markovska’s Facebook profile, we learned about singer Perfect’s health problems. What’s next for team activities?

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“Goes” – Perfect Band’s Farewell Song. “We have to close the door and say goodbye.”

The last, farewell song written by Perfect titled “Goes” has now been released.